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The Joharah Ballroom


Wedding Reception


The Joharah Ballroom, Madinat Jumeirah


Rebecca Hobday


Message coming from the Mother of the Bride as the couple was not involved with the Wedding Preparations.

Sarah and Ruby make the wedding happen. It is because of their professionalism and management that my daughter's three day wedding celebration was so well put together. Each minute detail was taken care of and each request was followed through completely. They managed all aspects of the wedding including our numerous out of country guests.

I thank them for putting up with me, my pickiness and my panic attacks during the many months prior to the wedding. They were continuously available to answer any question that I may have had no matter what time of day. I always received a response.

Couture Events helps create the magic and I sincerely hope that they will continue to create magic for my younger sons' weddings too, inshaAllah.

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