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Natasha & Chris


Welcome Party


Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

Farewell Dinner


Bab Al Shams/Music Hall/Madinat Jumeirah/The Waldorf Astoria


Itsoura Motions & Stills


Message coming from the Father of the Bride:

The Verdict is unanimous ! It was truly an outstanding wedding celebration enjoyed by every single person who attended. In fact several people commented that they have never seen or attended a wedding celebration of this caliber in their lives. This could not have been possible without your great leadership and the incredible support of Couture Events. Thank you all for making this a very successful wedding celebration for the Mayne and Fernandez Families.

I believe even Natasha and Joan acknowledge that the firework was a crowning glory. I wish we could turn the clock back by a week.

Thank you and best wishes for the future.

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